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KudaFit ™ - Women's Thigh Sweat Corset

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Stop being restricted from doing cardio for lose weight ! The KudaFit Thigh Corset allows you to sweat more and during all of your favorite exercises !

The +:

- It helps you burn more calories during any physical activity in increasing body temperature and absorbs perspiration so you can always be dry outside .

-  Its good design provides optimal thigh support.

The - :

- He asks a time to adapt to the sensation provided during the first minutes of training. Once accustomed, these sensations will, on the contrary, become pleasant and guarantees of efficiency.


✔️ - Burn more than calories faster during any physical activity.
✔️ - Fabric stretchable comfortable and lightweight.
✔️ - Its special material in  neoprene increases body temperature and absorbs perspiration so that you are always dry at outside .
✔️ - The unique design ensures the support of your thighs.
✔️ - Preserves body heat and stimulates sweating during exercise. Its revolutionary design allows you helps to achieve results more quickly and more easily.
✔️ - Cut  a choice.
The KudaFit Thigh Corset for womens is an accessory of fitness which accompanies you in your physical exercises.

Made of a stretch neoprene fabric , he adapts to your body shape and wife perfectly to act better in depth.

He maintains fat for your greatest comfort during physical exercise. You will be able thanks to him find your line . In addition, during your physical activities.

It is of great use for any sportswoman who would like achieve its goals . It is easy to use, since you just have to put it on which allows you to put it on and take it off very easily .

Her smart design allows him to absorb sweat over time to keep you dry during your exercise.

Available in several sizes , each of you can find something there for you. It is also the essential accessory that all participants of physical activity should have to make their life easier.
Main color: as the picture show

Material: neoprene

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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Thigh Circumference

S / M

40-60 cm

L / XL

50-70 cm


60-75 cm


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